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Integrate real-time web data into your application

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Web API Kit is a network platform for HTTP communication.  Create HTTP operations in minutes and exchange text, binary, image, JSON, XML, and other data.  By integrating your Unity application with public or private REST APIs you open a world of possibilities!

This asset is currently being used in H2FLOW where we control the data!

  • NEW! Google API integration
    • Complete Service and Device OAuth flow for Editor, Playmode, and Builds
    • Google API directory with quick access to scopes and other details
  • NEW! Google Cloud Storage examples
    • Retrieve files stored in Google Cloud
  • NEW! Build better Editor windows
    • Support for coroutines in Editor
    • Simplify Editor window GUI code with TinyFSM
    • Separate Editor window logic from the Editor window GUI with TinyWorkflow
  • Send and receive web data
    • Retrieve images from the web as Texture2D or Sprite
    • Send C# objects as JSON or XML
    • Receive JSON or XML as C# classes
    • Fully extensible framework to support the data types you require
    • UniWeb and BestHTTP asset integration
  • Many examples included
    • Plugins for major public APIs
    • Series of video tutorials, including how to build your own API
    • Examples include
      • Google Cloud Storage
      • Mantis Bug Tracker
      • Zebra printers
      • RandomUser
      • JailBase
  • Quality support

Web API Kit Core is compatible with Unity and mobile platforms.

Video Demo  |   Video Tutorials

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